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Vol 36, No 2 (2016)
Ir-192 Calibration in Air with Farmer Chamber for HDR Brachytherapy
Liyun Chang, 
Sheng-Yow Ho, 
Tsair-Fwu Lee, 
Hueisch-Jy Ding, 
Pang-Yu Chen
Abstract / 145-152
Development of Home-Based Frailty Detection Device Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Chung-Chih Lin, 
Chun-Chang Chen, 
Pay-Shin Lin, 
Ren-Guey Lee, 
Jing-Siang Huang, 
Tsai-Hsuan Tsai, 
Yu-Chuan Chang
Abstract / 168-177
Simple Self-Administered Method for Assessing Insulin Sensitivity in Diabetic Patients
Melissa Barazandegan, 
Fatemeh Ekram, 
Ezra Kwok, 
Bhushan Gopaluni
Abstract / 197-205
On-Board Array for Multiplexed Semi-Active Cooling-Rate-Controlled Cryopreservation of Living Cells
Hsiu-Yang Tseng, 
Scott Malfesi, 
Nadia Tehranchi, 
Mona Rahbar, 
John Jones, 
Bonnie L. Gray
Abstract / 206-213
Efficient Color Reproduction Algorithm for Endoscopic Images Based on Dynamic Color Map
Tareq H. Khan, 
Shahed K. Mohammed, 
Mohammad S. Imtiaz, 
Khan A. Wahid
Abstract / 226-235
Thrombosis Model in Mouse Carotid Induced by Guidewire
Lu Huang, 
Daoxi Lei, 
Wenxiu Dong, 
Chaojun Tang, 
Guixue Wang
Abstract / 236-244
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