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Vol 35, No 3 (2015)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Bifurcation Aneurysms Treated with Pipeline Embolization Device: Side Branch Diameter Study
Abraham Yik-Sau Tang, 
Wai-Choi Chung, 
Eric Tian-Yang Liu, 
Jie-Qiong Qu, 
Anderson Chun-On Tsang, 
Gilberto Ka-Kit Leung, 
Kar-Ming Leung, 
Alfred Cheuk-Hang Yu, 
Kwok-Wing Chow
Abstract / 293-304
In Situ Regeneration of Si-based ARROW-B Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors
Hsin-Feng Hsu, 
Yen-Ting Lin, 
Yang-Tung Huang, 
Ming-Feng Lu, 
Chyong-Hua Chen
Abstract / 305-314
Surface Properties and In Vitro Bioactivity of Fluorapatite/TiO2 Coatings Deposited on Ti Substrates by Nd:YAG Laser Cladding
Chi-Sheng Chien, 
Yu-Sheng Ko, 
Tsung-Yuan Kuo, 
Tze-Yuan Liao, 
Huan-Chang Lin, 
Tzer-Min Lee, 
Ting-Fu Hong
Abstract / 357-366
T Vector and Loop Characteristics Improve Detection of Myocardial Injury After Infarction
Matthias Goernig, 
Benjamin Hoeffling, 
Stephan Lau, 
Hans Reiner Figulla, 
Jens Haueisen
Abstract / 381-386
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